November 1st- Anita Badman

November 2nd- Kyle Welch

November 3rd- Sheryl Friedrich

November 4th-Sarah and Ryan Sabo

November 5th- Heather Rainville

November 6th- Tina Pile

November 7th- Carolyn Moore

November 8th- Mark Beagles

November 9th- Carter Hendren

November 10th- Rod Beccue

November 11th- Laura Vaught

November 12th- Julie Stoecker

November 13th- Jake English

November 14th- Bryan McCubbin

November 15th- Dawn Hauer

November 16th- Steve Gumble

November 17th- Craig McDonald

November 18th- Ryan Brady

November 19th- Billy Badman

November 20th- Ian and Issac Rabin

November 21st- Mike Buscher

November 22nd- Lauren Tomko

November 23rd- Derrick Nance

November 24th- Ben Kervin

November 25th- Ryan Richardson

November 26th- Ann Griffin

November 27th- Sue Shaw

November 28th- Margi Egan

November 29th- Judy Hoffman

November 30th- Ryan Richardson

The IAFF Center of Excellence for Behavioral Health Treatment and Recovery is a one-of-a-kind addiction treatment facility specializing in PTSD for IAFF members – and IAFF members only – who are struggling with addiction, PTSD other related behavioral health challenges to receive the help they need in taking the first steps toward recovery. It is a safe haven for members to talk with other members who have faced or overcome similar challenges.